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Nalmagil is a brand established to sell 100% Healthy food products manufactured from Sokkumani Oil & Flour Mill. We are producing and selling all varieties of cold pressed oils and Chekkku Oils. Adding to that we also ground and sell home-made masalas, flours, health mix and idly/dosa batter. No artificial colors or preservatives added in our products.

Edible Oil

Castor Oil

Chekku Groundnut oil

Chekku Gingelly/Sesame oil

Sulphur Free Wood / Cold Pressed Coconut oil

Wood/Cold pressed Gingelly/Sesame oil

Wood/Cold pressed GroundNut Oil

Sulphur Free Chekku Coconut Oil



Samba Wheat Flour

Gram Flour

Sprouted & Roasted Health Mix

Finger Millet

Pearl Millet


Masala Varieties

Garam Masala

Home-Made Chicken Masala

Home-Made Mutton Masala

Home-Made Chilli Powder

Home-Made Coriander Powder

Home-Made Turmeric Powder

Home-Made Sambar Powder

Home-Made Curry Masala


Podi Varieties

Idly Podi

Ellu Podi

Karuveppillai podi

Rasa Podi

Parupu Powder

Horse Gram Powder


Snacks & Cookies

Karuppu Kavuni (Black Rice) Ribbon Murukku

Millet Brownies

Multi Millet Palm Jaggery Cookies

Multi Millet Brown Sugar Cookies

Millet Palm Jaggery Cookies

Millet Brown Sugar Cookies

Millet Ribbon Murukku (Kuthirai Vaali)

Millet Ribbon Murukku ( Saamai)

Mittet Ribbon Murukku (Thinai)



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